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Unbounded Human Energy

There is an unsailed ocean of human energy tied up and wasted in many organisations because of silos, unnecessary rules, regulations and other square wheels. This paper examines options for liberating this potential and setting it free.

How to future-proof your organisation for the next 50 years

Recently I've been working on an 'I can't get it out of my mind' project called the Wellington Blue Star Future. It is a totally new approach for my clients who want to future-proof their organisation for the next 50 years.

Leadership Development is on the Wrong Track

Leadership development is far more than just gaining skills. It's on the wrong track. It's run by trainers not business people. It assumes you need to change people when all the evidence is that people can't be changed all that much but you can draw them out. And it is boring and lacks relevance.

The curse of silos, slowness and small-thinking in large mature organisations

Silos are the most universal problem facing large mature organisations. And most people don't realise how much pain it is causing or the cost to the organisation. Silos cause slowness and small-thinking because people are focussed inward protecting budgets and power structures rather than focussing outward on customers and problem-solving.

How to succeed in a turbulent world

Over the last 9 years Bruce Holland has studied and experimented with how to make leaders more successful in a turbulent world. He owes a great deal to a group of carefully selected managers keen to leave a legacy of more successful human endeavour, growth and strong people in their business.

Why is the Public Sector too siloed and analytical and what can we do about it?

In Bruce Holland's view the public sector is too siloed and analytical; it needs to be redesigned. The last major changes were made 20 years ago and it's now time to start thinking about the next systems-level improvement.

Why people leave organisations.

It hurts when good people leave an organisation. It's not just a question of the replacement and retraining costs but also of all tbe experience that leaves with the individual. Hot-wired from ages past to work collectively, many of today's employees have a growing sense of separation and fragmentation. It's time to change.This article was printed in New Zealand Management October 2005

Issues in the public sector, by Bruce Holland

Regulation today reaches into every aspect of our lives, from paying the gas bill to phoning a friend or using a credit card. Yet despite its achievements, the regulatory state is on the brink of a crisis. The current model of public policy making is no longer right for any government that has set itself the challenge of delivery.

Ambush the time bandits

Time starvation - arguably it's the most insidious threat to managers in the 21st century.

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