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Why is the Public Sector too siloed and analytical and what can we do about it?

A pesonal view by B Holland

In my view the public sector is too siloed and analytical; it needs to be redesigned. The last major changes were made 20 years ago and it's now time to start thinking about the next systems-level improvement.

As a society we have some really important issues that are crying out for solutions, however, the people who are charged with solving these issues have been organised in a way that works against them and sets them up to fail. This is because these issues involve thinking much wider and more systemically than any one government agency has a mandate to.

Also the public sector is too analytical; it needs to develop systems thinking and more creativity. We won't solve the issues by breaking them up and studying the "bits". Analysis is insufficient and, in my opinion, more innovation is needed in government.

To fix this the whole system needs to be redesigned. I'm not talking about a "Super Ministry" or recombinations like CYF/MSD; the answers are likely to be more open and emergent.

As a realist I know there are strong forces at work to maintain the current system, therefore, the last part of my White Paper discusses how leaders in the public sector can make the most of the system we have.

To find out why and what we can do about it, read my White Paper : Why is the Public Sector too siloed and analytical and what can we do about it?.

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