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Great leaders know their Genius Factor. Do you?

Your Genius Factor is far more special and deep than just a strength. It’s what makes you special. It is your gift to the world.

People who align their work to their Genius achieve their goals at a remarkable pace, because they pursue things that matter to them and make full use of their talents.

I define ‘Genius’ as something that you do that probably only one person in every 10,000 people can do; sometimes even something that no one else in the world can do.

Many people have no idea about their Genius. Occasionally they trip over it and succeed way beyond their expectations. Usually they think, “That’s strange!” but quickly forget about it. Cracking Great Leaders work to make this Genius explicit so people can use it more deliberately and more often.

Sometimes people in my workshops say, “I have no Genius, I’m just ordinary.” This is rubbish. People involved in my Cracking Great Leadership Program, have become more aware of their Genius just by thinking about it.

With this understanding people can be themselves in the truest sense. They don’t need to compare themselves with anyone else. They don’t need to pretend to be something they aren’t. It gives them power that others feel and want to be part of.

Without this understanding people have little idea about who they are, so it’s little wonder that other people struggle to understand who they are.

To be a more successful leader operate beyond the conscious mind

Are you a powerful leader or does your subconscious let you down. Successful leaders know about 90% of what they do is done at a subconscious level. They have learned to trust their intuition, gut-feelings and operate well beyond their rational minds. They know it’s important to create positive mental pictures of what they want to achieve before they start. They make this picture as big as they can make it because the subconscious has no way of knowing whether it is realistic or not. Here are some simple tricks to amplify your success. (5m30s)

Understand How You Think, What it means, How to Work more Successfully and Be a Genius

Herrmann's Brain Dominance Instrument helps us understand how we think. It is allowing us to understand ourselves at a far deeper level, how we are special, even genius and how to make the most of our talents. It is also helping us to understand other people and how to communicate and work with them so we achieve the best possible results.

HBDI shows how to work better in teams, get on with people you 'just don't get' and form collaborative partnerships with people you may have previously seen as 'difficult'.

This tool comes at a time in human history when our very future depends on better collaboration and working together for the common good. Today's problems both in organisations and in the world are not technical or economic, they are nearly all based on poor human relationships and misunderstandings between people. Herrmann's Thinking Preferences is the best technology I know to improve human relationships and understanding between people. (9m.39s):

The Way We Organise Work Is Fundamentally Wrong and ineffective

The way we organise work is fundamentally wrong. We put people into narrow jobs when it would be far more effective to put them into broader project teams of at least four people.

Jobs are like putting people into boxes, they resist their what people can do and give excuses for not doing what is needed for successful business.

Project teams can take people with a genius for different ways of thinking and get them working so that the whole team reflects this genius.

Herrmann's Whole Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is a wonderful tool to help people with different thinking types to understand and value each other so they can maximise their genius seamlessly. (5m.05s):

Is Business Screwing Up the World?

Business has been the greatest source of the planet's human and environmental problems; however, business is also the only thing strong enough to fix it. Certainly, nothing will improve unless business is on-board. This presentation will show you:

  1. how our business models have evolved and got us to where we are now
  2. why where we are now is not sustainable, and;
  3. what we can do to grow businesses in a way that is better for everyone.

It takes a long-term (50,000+ year) strategic view of the history of business helps us to understand the future of business in Mega Five. Virtual Group has identified the four components necessary to put humanity and the planet back on track. They call it "DOING BUSINESS AT MEGA FIVE." Mega Five combines a step beyond strength-based approaches plus a step beyond sustainability. (11m.42s)

Are You The One To save The World?

This is a wonderful story about not waiting for a savior because you are the one we are looking for. (1m.21S):

What is your Core of Greatness?

We all have a Core of Greatness. To find it, managers need to know who they are, why they exist and what makes them special. Yet, usually they are blind to this. This is a problem because, inside is where most of their power is. If managers don’t know who they are, there’s no way anyone else can know who they are. If managers are not strong on the inside, there is no way they can be on the outside. As their inner strength grows, others can’t help but notice and be attracted to it irresistibly. Listen to Bruce explain (6m.7s):

A Totally New Way of Looking at Leadership.

This video will help you develop your leadership skills. The link to the video is: Leadership is confusing because so much has been written about it and as a result, most managers focus on the wrong things and get what they don't want. The video shows how the whole area can be simplified down to three eyes. Leaders need: 1. An eye that looks inward. 2. An eye that looks outward. 3. An eye that looks between. (24m.30s):

Secrets to unlock your irresistible leadership

Bruce Holland unlocks the secrets about how you can become an irresistible leader. But first let's discuss: What is an irresitible leader? 1m32s.

The Secrets

  1. Irresistible leaders know people are fundamentally different from each other. Treat them the way they want to be treated and they will give magic. Listen to this secret 5m27s.

  2. Irresistible leaders know people are the same. They all want to be loved, appreciated and included. They know that they won't go too far wrong as long as they do this. Listen to this secret 2m20s.

  3. Irresistible leaders know that managing the 'space' in between people is at least as important as managing the individuals. They work hard on trust, relationships and connections. Listen to this secret 2m59s.

  4. Irresistible leaders know each person has a genius factor. They help their people find it and put it to work for the benefit of the organisation. They help them break off the mud to reveal their Golden Buddha. Listen to this secret 5m02s.

  5. Irresistible leaders take control of their subconscious mind. They know they will be as big or as small as their self-image. Listen to this secret 1m32s.

  6. Irresistible leaders never forget that they always have a choice. They choose to include rather than exclude. They choose to join rather than separate. They choose to find the good in people not the bad. Listen to this secret 4m47s.

  7. Irresistible leaders make their people strong. But first they work on their own strengths. They know strong people find strengths in others and weak people find weaknesses in others. Listen to this secret 4m19s.

  8. Irresistible leaders are givers. They believe BIG people are givers. Givers get what they give. As a leader they give priceless gifts, including their time, their trust, their belief in people and have high expectations. They are radiators, not refrigerators. Listen to this secret 5m11s.

  9. Irresistible leaders know that questions, not answers, are the key to leadership. They ask questions when someone brings them a problem. They dig for the real problem rather than accepting symptoms, personal biases or assumptions. Listen to this secret 4m06s.

  10. Irresistible leadership is not about the work. It is about the workplace. It's not about double checking the work of others. It is about creating a workplace where everyone can do their best work, then getting out of the road as much as possible. It's about trusting the system, not over managing. Listen to this secret 2m51s.

  11. Irresistible leaders know that systems thinking is the only way to crack 'wicked problems'. By systems thinking, I mean seeing the whole problem with all its connections, time-lags and implications. Listen to this secret 9m57s.

  12. Irresistible leaders always remember that they are managing a network of living systems. They are not managing a bureaucracy or a machine. Listen to this secret 5m14s.

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