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Services organisations face the challenge of providing their clients with an experience that will compell that client to maintain the relationship. The Services category is very broad and includes teh following.

Retail. The main assistance Virtual Group has provided retail customers is Irresistible Customer Service.

Banks. The banking industry has undergone significant change over the last 15 years and Virtual specialists have been positioned to help.

Professional Services Companies that provide complex and high-value services to clients via teams of highly qualified or skilled people. Examples include software developers, engineering and technical consultantancies, legal firms, accountancies.

To be successful professional services companies must ensure a high quality client experience. This is achieved through excellence in:

  • Service delivery systems and practices
  • Knowledge management
  • People development

Social Services Providers are generally required to deliver services to their clients on relatively fixed or limited budgets. To be successful they must:

  • Ensure the quality of their service delivery both in terms of client experience, and through meeting the various health and safety requirements
  • Achieving optimal efficiency so as to maximise delivery within relatively fixed or limited budgets
  • Meeting various reporting requirements (both management and statutory)

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