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Why empowerment works

  1. How many people work for you? Actually no people work for you. Everybody works for themselves
  2. There are more employees than managers. Most managers are overloaded and most non-managers have idle time to burn
  3. Educational levels used to be different between managers and non-managers. Today many non-managers are at least as educationally sophisticated as their managers
  4. Emotional needs. People need to be in control of themselves. They are during non work and they need to be during work time too
  5. People are learning machines. They need to learn and if they donít, they become emotionally handicapped
  6. People know best. So why do manages try to pretend that they know the detail better than the people in front line?
  7. Speed. Today speed is everything. If decisions have to wait until they bottleneck their way through to senior management, then whole system will be slowed down
  8. Cross training. Empowerment is wonderful in terms of cross training people into various roles
  9. Mountains from dust. As Toyota say, small improvements every day by every person (dust), over time has created the mountain called Toyota.

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