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Virtual Group supports the following products in people development:

People Develoment IP for Sale

  • Organisational Development IP for Sale - This Organisational Development IP has been developed over 25 years, working in medium to large organisations. It is now for sale to others who don’t have 25 years or the resources to develop their own programs. It will appeal to people wanting to make positive change in organisations: External consultants, Internal consultants, OD Professionals, HR Professionals, Business advisors & Senior managers. There are 23 modules of learning for sale. Each module contains everything required to run a successful half-day workshop including pre-workshop readings, process notes and all the knowledge, skills and experience, exercises and explanations required. Download the Pamphlet.

Leadership Development

Leadership matters but it's on the wrong track. The business case for developing people is stronger than for increasing capital or increasing staff numbers. We think leadership development is on the wrong track. Our approach is new and different.

  • Bruce's book on leadership is called "Cracking Great Leaders Liberate Human Energy at Work".

  • Cracking Great Leaders In-house Program - This is an in-house Leadership Development program that your people into Cracking Great Leaders. The aim of the Program is to turn very good managers into Cracking Great Leaders by making small changes to their thinking and behaviours and to establish these as new winning habits. Once achieved, Cracking Great Leaders change lives and the world. They change lives by helping others become more deeply engaged so they contribute far more than they thought they were capable of. They change the world through a snowball effect by turning their followers into Cracking Great Leaders who in turn grow even more leaders. "It changed the way I see my reality." (client comment).

Other Staff Development

  • Desilonisation Program - The program for getting your people out of silos of power and working together with cooperation, communication and a common direction.

  • Trusted Adviser Program - Trusted Advisers Program is specifically designed for accountants, scientists, engineers, analysts, statisticians, information specialists, researchers, and policy-people. These people often have stronger analytical skills than interpersonal skills. They are bright; sometime scarily so. Intellectually they can be heads and shoulders above others. Usually they have the answers to the most important problems in the organisation. Yet, often they can't sell their ideas well and don't rise to the top of the organisation; or even to leadership of their speciality. Trusted Advisers Program is specifically designed to help these people reach their potential.

  • Team Development - Strategically, the reason why teamwork is so important is because with teamwork your customers get a It is structured to give 4 months benefit in 5 days. Developing leadership within your organisation is the single biggest lever most organisations have towards success. Do it well and your organisation will win. Do it poorly and your organisation will lose. "The program absolutely delivered on a making the management team stronger." (client comment).

  • Herrmanns Brain Dominance Instrument - Herrmann's HBDI is one of the most powerful tools to understand people so you can communicate with them better and get the best out of them. But it's also much more...

  • Mentoring & Executive Coaching - Sports people know they need it, now businesses leaders too are beginning to recognise the value of having their own Business Coach to maximise their performance. The coaching process helps the individual executive realise their full professional potential.

  • Staff Empowerment Process - A wonderful tool to harness your employees' energy, best ideas, goodwill and potential. See case study...

  • Irresistible Customer Service Program - This product gets everyone crystal clear about how to astonish your customers.

  • Middle Management Development - Many middle managers have been promoted without proper training. They may have been good analysts, policy people or whatever but they may not know much about managing people.

  • How to Turn Your Corporate Services Team Into The POWERHOUSE of Your Organisation - This course shows how to the release untapped energy from within your Corporate Service Department.

  • Development of Project Teams

  • Customer Focus Groups

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