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Increasing organisational speed

Product Leaders recognise that the world is moving from one organising system to another, and under such conditions, where the rules of chaos and complexity rule, speed becomes critical. Our process provides the tools to speed up your organisation.

Speed in organisations is determined by:

  1. the speed of transactions
  2. the speed of decision making
  3. the speed with which new ideas are created in laboratories
  4. how fast ideas are bought to market
  5. the speed of information and knowledge flows.

A recent book, "Competing Against Time", says that in the past, competition was initially determined by wage levels, then by economies of scale, then in terms of focus. The emphasis now, however, is on flexibility, variety, speed and innovation: all attributes defined by time.

It reports that if the time taken to service a product is reduced by 25%, labour and capital productivity should double. Those productivity gains in turn will typically reduce costs by up to 20%. And if a time-based competitor can establish a response three or four times faster than its competitors it will grow by at least three times faster than the market, and be at least twice as profitable as the typical industry competitor.

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