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'A Process for hitting the target with your Product Developments

To be good at producty development, policy development and innovation all organisations, and especially Product Leaders need to manage their innovation function properly. Research shows this product has the potential to increase the effectiveness of your product development and processes for generating ideas by between 9 times and 95 times.

80% of the respondents rated becoming more innovative amongst their top three priorities

Does your organisation pass the Innovation Test?

  1. Does your organisation have an effective process to harness your employees' best ideas? More importantly, do your employees agree or is their potential untapped?
  2. Does your organisation commercialise new ideas effectively? Do your best customers agree?
  3. Do new products and services generate 30% or more of your revenue base? Do you have a competitive advantage in inovation or are you going backwards?
  4. Are your people tied up in red tape and unnecessary procedures or is everyone focused exactly on what needs to happen in order to get the biggest return?

Research shows that most companies want be more innovative

Results of a recent Bain and Co. survey of more than 200 global senior executives showed 80% of the respondents rated "becoming more innovative" amongst their top three priorities for achieving company success. Two-thirds admitted their businesses were not close to realizing full potential and 91% of executives across all industries surveyed called increasing the company's capacity for innovation critical to creating future competitive advantage and earning profits.

Product development and innovation is one of the three parts of all organisations. It's important in all organisations, particularly those that have chosen to become Product Leaders.

The four keys to successful innovation

Research and our experience shows there are four keys to improving innovation:

  1. Selecting the right people to manage the ideas pipeline
  2. Managing the ideas pipeline
  3. Increasing organisational speed
  4. Eliminating Unnecessary activity.

Selecting the right people to manage the ideas pipeline

Some recent research shows that certain positions are critical in the innovation process; they can make or break your success in innovation. These positions need to be staffed by Intuitive Thinkers, because the research shows they are 9 times more effective at moving the organisation towards innovation and standout products than the average person. Indeed Intuitive Thinkers are 95 times more effective than certain groups. Our product teaches you how to identify these people within your organisation,

Processes to manage the ideas pipeline.

Dr John Higgins, Virtual Group Business Consultants, is an expert in processes to manage the ideas pipeline and how to manage the paradox of creative openness with iron discipline is the key to value creation through innovation. Successful organisations excel at applying the necessary tools and actively embrace the required paradigms.

Increasing organisational speed

Product Leaders recognise that the world is moving from one organising system to another, and under such conditions, where the rules of chaos and complexity rule, speed becomes critical. Our process provides the tools to speed up your organisation and eliminate unnecessary activity.

Our training covers the following areas:

  1. How to select the innovators in your organisation
  2. How to establish the ideas pipeline
  3. How to manage the process for shaping and filtering new product ideas for funding and development
  4. How to discipline the thinking of your innovators so their ideas are more effective
  5. How to set up the decision-making criteria for new ideas
  6. How to free up the bureaucracy for these people
  7. How to eliminate unnecessary activity
  8. How to increase speed within your organisation
  9. How to set-up and work in Project Teams more effectively
  10. How to measure speed to market and other speed-based KPIs
  11. Action Meeting Techniques.

Probable outcomes of Product Development training

  1. Many more ideas generated within your organisation
  2. Winning ideas that might otherwise never see the light of day are turned in to winning products far more often
  3. Speed to market increased dramatically
  4. Many unproductive activities are discontinued
  5. Product Development gatekeepers are carefully selected and 9 times more effective
  6. Measurements will be better aligned to speed
  7. Costs reduce, revenue and profit increase.

Product support

This product has been developed and is supported by Bruce Holland and Dr John Higgins with help where required from other members of the Virtual Group Business Consultants.


All work undertaken by Bruce Holland is guaranteed. If at the end of the program the client doesn't feel that they have received value for money, they may adjust the bill and pay an amount equal to the value they feel they received.

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