Four months development in 5 days

When we designed this program, we started with the understanding that to make fundamental changes in behaviours takes at least three months.

But who, in today's environment, can afford three months training? We set ourselves the challenge that there has to be a better way.

We asked: "How we can give people four months training at cost of about five days off work? We also wanted to reduce the costs of bringing people together.

The solution

  1. To deliver short modules with gaps in between for practice and testing of concepts
  2. Training does not stop during the gaps in between the workshops
  3. Gaps used to test and trial theory
  4. Most of the work takes place in people's own time
  5. People practice using the theory in between modules making the program far more immediate and practical and real
  6. Deliver the content when people come together anyway
  7. Delivered In-house
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