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+64 21 620 456

16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand

Example of Bruce's work

ASTRA Group Limited

Advising ASTRA Group Limited (a medium sized 200 person private company involved in printing and photocopying) in strategy and cultural change. Strategic information was a major aspect.

Bruce's role was to introduce a change management project in business and information strategy and continuous improvement. The company was in serious financial problems and before starting the change process Bruce was involved in researching other printing companies and also analysing Astra's profit and loss and balance sheet statements to determine areas of key financial concern.

He worked with management to clarify the strategic direction of the organisation. This was achieved by facilitating a series of one-day offsite workshops starting with senior management but eventually involving the majority of the staff, since the workshops became a powerful way of involving staff in the issues and communicating without lecturing to them.

He designed and implemented research to determine the characteristics of Staff Culture. This was repeated several times as the process progressed as a gauge of progress. He ran customer focus groups in order to determine the customer requirements. These focus groups were videoed and later shown to all staff as a way of improving the linkages between staff and customers.

He facilitated the Group's values, a process that involved all staff and management, and as a result they became more externally focussed and customer oriented. He trained team leaders in the principles and methods of business improvement and strategic information and provided training every staff member in process methods and tools required, including measurement and follow up and feedback.

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