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Irresistible leaders find Genius in their people

Irresistible leaders

The tenth secret from Virtual Group's Irresistible Leadership Program is, "Irresistible leaders find Genius in their people."

"Irresistible leaders" are like iron to magnets. People are drawn to them without understanding why or how. We've all felt this attraction. We are attracted because these people give us stuff that we need and find hard to get without them. Things like confidence and belief in ourselves, a challenge worth going for and hope for the future.

We feel this level of power at a subconscious level. It flows out of people who know themselves deeply, both their strengths and their weaknesses, and are BIG enough to talk about it. They have integrity. They are not for sale.

They give to their people. They want their people to be BIG also. They want their people to be Geniuses.

What is Genius?

I define 'Genius' as something that you do that probably only one person in every 10,000 people can do; even something that no one else in the whole world can do.

Many people have no idea about their Genius factor. Occasionally they trip over it and succeed way beyond their expectations. Usually they think, "That's strange!" but quickly forget about it. Irresistible leaders work to make this Genius explicit so people can use it more deliberately and more often.

Everyone has a Genius factor

Occasionally people in my workshops say, " I have no genius, I'm just ordinary." I think this is rubbish. Every person who has been involved in my Irresistible Leadership Program, has at the very least, become far closer to their Genius factor than they were before they started thinking about it.

Genius is not unexpected indeed it's inevitable. In my process, Genius emerges after people have closely examined their experiences, their thinking preferences, their talents and types of intelligence, their passions, ambitions and purpose, what makes them strong and what frustrates them.

Lets just start with your experience. No one else has had exactly the same experiences that you have had. The same parents, the same country, the same education, the same teachers, the same neighbours, the same friends, born at this particular point in history. And this is just experience. No one else in the world has had your experiences.

So, when you add in all the other factors in my Genius process (thinking preferences, talents, types of intelligence, passions, ambitions, purpose etc) it's totally inevitable that everyone comes to see themselves as unique. The question then becomes how can they use this uniqueness in ways that will serve the world. This is their Genius.

Why Genius matters

You benefit. When you identify your Genius and put it to work more often and deliberately, you work at a totally different and far higher level of achievement than before.

Your people benefit. Once leaders have accepted that they have a Genius factor, they go looking for it in their people. And, when they look for it, they find it everywhere.

Your colleagues benefit. In workshops when managers hear each other talking about their Genius, they start to see each other in a far more positive light and understand how they can work together so everyone is doing more work that uses their Genius.

Your organisation benefits. My dream is of organisations where everyone understands their Genius and works at that potential far more often and deliberately. The results are totally amazing. Organisations that trap and use their Genius have uncovered gold.

Are you an irresistible leader?

As an irresistible leader, probably the most important thing you can do is to identify and use your Genius factor more often. The next most important thing is to help others see theirs. For more on Irresistible Leadership

How to find Genius?

My Irresistible Leadership Program has been carefully designed to allow people sufficient time to understand themselves, their genius, their personal branding and their subconscious mind. Without this understanding people will never be BIG enough to be irresistible leaders. Hear what others have said...

Now is the perfect time to invest in the leadership of your future. Irresistible Leadership Program is a proven tool. Hear what other clients have said.

Give me a call. Warmest wishes

Bruce Holland
Virtual Group Business Consultants
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Bruce helps large mature organisations be more focused, fast and flexible. Places where people have more depth, connection and meaning. "Liberating the Human spirit at work"

Bruce helps large mature organisations be more focused, fast and flexible. Places where people have more depth, connection and meaning. He is one of New Zealand's most experienced change agents and is the founder of Virtual Group Business Consultants Limited.

"Liberating the Human spirit at work."

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