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Individual client comments on Irresistible Leadership Program

These are the individual comments following three recent Irresistible Leadership programs:

  • My impressions of the program: Comprehensive, stimulating and at times controversial and challenging = excellent. I made myself read all the readings, will keep them to refer to later, a useful guide for how Facility Managers operates in the future. The pre-work was sometimes difficult to fit in. I appreciated your ability Bruce: to adapt to the group's current situation; to incorporate expertise from within the group; your sense of fun and individual approach to each of us. To someone else I'd say: "Go for it - if you get a chance to work with Virtual/Bruce - it makes a difference to how you view yourself and others and work. Taking all factors into account it was one of the best programs I've been to. Caryl-Louise Robinson, Director, Faculty Office, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

  • For me it has been a fascinating journey...The readings I will cherish, and I have already started to read similar areas for my own interest. Bruce, on a personal note, it has been great watching your facilitation which I would be happy to follow. To someone else: If you get a chance do it. Taking all factors into account it was one of the best programs I've been to. Alison Holleyoak, Manager, School of Construction, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

  • A lot was covered over a series of six half-day sessions, with readings followed by activities within the group. It brought us together as a group, to understand more about each other and learn to value each others' contributions. Thank you for the workshops. To someone else: Valuable workshops and readings making us all consider the same ideas. Difficult to work with such a diverse group, but managed well. Anne Mason, Manager Professional Learning and Development, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

  • My Comment to some one else who was considering using Virtual for something similar would be: Take the risk - it may turn out to be the best thing you have ever done. Two indicators that a trainer is committed to their material is their preparedness for the session and whether they have taken the time and trouble to collate hand-outs and other material for the "class" to read at a later date. You were always well-prepared, had hand-outs and readings available so that your message could be reinforced after the session had concluded. As you know I found a lot of the course very useful. Heather Tavassoli, Manager, Employment Court, Ministry of Justice.

  • Overall I found the sessions informative and rewarding. The pre-reading was easy to follow and supported by some interesting articles and reports. Virtual met my expectations certainly. I found the Herrrman Thinking preferences to be an interesting view. It was communicated well by Bruce and supported by good interactive sessions. Harry Johnson, National Manager, Environment Court, Ministry of Justice.

  • 'Readings were fantastic. Really valued the personal focus -"If it's going to be, it starts with me!". Wes Brown, Business Development Manager, Ministry of Justice.

  • I feel that the course allowed me to take a step back and think in depth about some of the issues behind my leadership style. I have picked up certain gems, which will allow me to be better and more effective as a leader. With regard to making the management team stronger, I think this was one of the highlights of the program - getting to know and interact with my peers on a deeper level. I think the management group as a whole learnt a lot from and about each other. Brendan Mai, Statistics New Zealand.

  • The course made me think a lot about what are my values and what style of leader I am. It also gave me confidence as many things that I do and have done appear to be to be required for a leader ... The course absolutely delivered on a making the management team stronger. We know and appreciate each other more and I learnt that I respect and enjoy the company of my colleagues a lot. Jude Hughes, Statistics New Zealand.

  • Thanks for all your hard work and energy, I think it has made a big difference for the management team and to me on a personal level. Rachael Milicich, Statistics New Zealand.

  • Great course. Good mix background material /reading and interactive sessions. Some material challenged norms. Useful suite reference material built up for ongoing use. Andrea Blackurn, Statistics NZ.

  • Excellent reading/prework material and usually good reference to this material during sessions. Well facilitated allowing for staff to understand some of their own journey and with each other giving good development opportunities. I certainly encourage participation in this training as an individual and team development process. Taking all factors into account I would rate the project overall as one of the best I've been to; thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. Ross Barber, Manager, Epuni Centre, Department of Child, Youth and Family.

  • I think the course was very well designed, had a good mixture content wise and in delivery terms there was an appropriate mix of small group and large group work. The readings were particularly useful and the connectedness from module to module was a success. Facilitation was excellent. I am a bit biased. I don't think I would change much, if anything. Taking all factors into account it was one of the best development courses I've been to. Chris Harvey, Greater Wellington Service Centre, Department of Child, Youth and Family Service, Manager Central.

  • Appreciated receiving pre-course work/readings well before the next session. Fantastic readings. Thought Bruce was a great facilitator and was able to engage everyone. Overall enjoyed every module. The course gave Lower Hutt staff an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and an opportunity to discuss strategies. Mahinarangi Gilbert. Department of Child, Youth and Family.

  • The Herrmann profiling spoke volumes to me. The training modulus system, course readings and presentation was very useful and effective for me personally and professionally. The Hutt group is the biggest group in the greater Wellington region and having us together on a regular basis was very productive collegial support-wise'. Taking all factors into account this was one of the best developments I have been to. Lo'i Vole, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • Interesting, insightful and useful information, very well presented-enjoyed every last bit. It affirmed existing knowledge and was a good reminder. Site supervisors are now more open and tolerant of each other and beginning to work as a unit (still work in progress). Good interactive delivery. One of the best I've been to. Cathy Christian, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • Reading is were very good, informative and thought-provoking. Delivery of course material was well received, good delivery. Informative thought-provoking, self challenging sessions . Overall much enjoyed. Talafulu Laga, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • The pre-readings are great, I will continue to use them in the future. It has been very useful being able to recognize the profile of team members and this has generated discussion that has been very useful. Anna Anty, Department of Child, Youth and Family Central.

  • Really enjoyed the readings; useful learnings, related well to the overall course and workplace. We now have a tighter management group, well-connected. Should be a flow on affect with teams at the office. Overall one of the best I've been to. Michael Murphy, Department of Child, Youth and Family.

  • Excellent facilitator. Readings very useful and helpful to learning. Course provided self-growth and development and reflection as to where I fit in the position. I liked the digging deep for the pearls and a personal challenge. Overall one of the best I've been to. Elizabeth Brown, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • I enjoyed the development/prework/readings; they were interesting and informative without being too time consuming. Bruce was a pleasure to work with, relaxed, supportive and at times challenging. Andrew Little, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • I have truly enjoyed the opportunity this course has presented including meeting with peers within the region, having some of my beliefs, thoughts and practices affirmed and having fun . Thank you Bruce. Tui Denny, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • You are an awesome training facilitator and person. Facilitation was stimulating, lively and challenging - it made it easy to reflect and share. I think our supervisors were very lucky to have this training and not some leadership training that only touched the surface-it was the digging deep that made it really special. If you really want to make a true difference in the way you think, live and work then you better get Virtual! 5 out of 5. I never circle a 5 and I really mean it. Rosaleen Bham, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Central.

  • Most useful training we have had for a long time'. Great reading which I will refer to again. Francis Farmer, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Regional Manager, Western.

  • The program is very thought provoking and an excellent opportunity to look at ourselves and discover who our work colleagues are. The program opens up the mind to possibilities for personal growth and strengthening relationships with others. The program is unique, backed up with excellent reading resources. Jan Johns, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • Good concept indeed and a style of presentation that works to bring people together. Ray Wiley, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • I found the programme very interesting and energising, covering a wide range of material. Bruce is a great facilitator, sharing some of his own experiences, but ensuring the bulk of the work happens in the group. Highly recommended as participants are guided to discover their own abilities and potential in order to become the best they can be. Patricia Chivers, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • The course has been great and applicable in all areas of our lives. Bruce has an unassuming and humble nature, facilitating growth with care. Go for it. Be open to growth and watch your journey open up before you. Diane Attwell, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • Programme was very though provoking, because it made me look at my inner self at times. Hard at times to do the pre-work, but necessary o get the full benefit from the workshops. I found the whole programme very worthwhile. Facilitation - excellent! Denise Loveridge, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • Good flow of topics and always relatable across work and home lives. I really like Bruce's style - creates a "safe" group. Julie Dixon, Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • Awesome course ... Needs to be promoted. Different line of thinking. Challenging. Toka Walden. Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • Absolutely riveting - enjoyed every module. Course really affirming. very good delivery of programme. I have really enjoyed this programme and you are a skilled and talented presenter. Julie Marinovich. Department of Child, Youth and Family, Western.

  • I really enjoyed the Programme from beginning to end. Jennifer Hardiman, Team Leader, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • I started out thinking that I wouldn't learn anything I didn't know already. But I was wrong. I've only just started. Christine Moir, Library Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • The benefits are: Everyone has more connections across the School. A deep sense of trust with Groups. I think more about others and their strengths. Skills developed to realise control over things is mine. More self awareness. Rebecca Taylor, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • Quick to trust in small groups. Focus has improved considerably. Jo Wolfrey, Manager Office Services & Purchasing, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • An excellent programme which has changed the way I see my reality. I feel better able to lead a team and get the best out of others. I understand better the need to understand others at a deeper level. Jim Law, Transition Project Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • I have used techniques with my team and have been very beneficial. Jenn Swain, Senior Leadership & Development Advisor. Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • Benefits include: Across School communications. Working along side other Groups to share ideas. All on the same page. Lyndsey Marment, Curriculum Leader Special Education, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • I was able to apply much of what I learned almost immediately with my team and other colleagues. Leon Goldsmith, Team Leader, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • When I commented on my team's Performance, Development and Achievement Plans this week, I spent a lot of time to write a good personal summary of their goals - recognizing their strengths and input. These have been received really well, and many have commented on how they have felt valued. Very moving in some cases. Well worth the extra effort. Filling buckets ill pay off 10 fold next year! Suzanne Hawes, Team Leader, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • Very valuable for developing shared understandings, common language and concepts, building awareness of differences and similarities about how we all work and communicate at TCS. Sue Mark, Manager HR, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • Confidence grew within the group which created a sound base for ongoing exploration of ideas and useful discussion. Trust within the group was developed and enhanced through the careful facilitation process. Jen Mc Cutcheon, Regional Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • I think it was a great course. A great way to bring the wider team together to reach common organisational goals...It stretches the boundaries so one has to think well beyond the norm. It provided more appreciation of why people react the way they do. Sanjay Goyal, IRG Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

  • Before the Program they worked individually. Not as a team. The behaviours we were seeing before the Program were pretty bad: lack of collaboration, lack of trust and respect for others, intolerance, not wanting to participate beyond their role as they saw it...The changes have been amazing! It's amazing the growth I've seen in people during the workshops. People are talking about the "We". They are saying, "We are all in this together. We all agree what we want and what we are here to do. People wanting to work together, understanding each others' roles and what they can contribute.We now have a group of people who can take Mike Hollings' vision forward and implement it. Jenn Swain, L&D Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School).

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