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Why Strategic Workshops are important

1. Strategy is about BIG decisions

Strategy development requires managers to make predictions about the future. Based on this managers make big decisions about the organisationís focus, the investment of resources, and how to coordinate activities across the organisation. Big decisions are hard to reverse. They may be very costly, time-consuming or simply impossible to change.

2. The pace of change

A hundred years ago a driver could probably dose off for a while as he drove the horse and cart. Today as we manoeuvre between the traffic on the multilane motorway it pays to be totally alert - all of us. The same goes for business.

3. Focus on the important

We become much more aware of those things we think about. Have you ever started to study a subject only to find everyone else seems to be studying it too? People care about those things they have put mental and emotional energy into and we tend to do those things which we focus our thoughts on. Get your people thinking about those things that are important in your business and they will become much more aware of them, care more about them and do them.

4. Commitment.

Emotions and values are more important to getting people to change than rational thought, no matter how logical that thought may be. A change in attitude can not be sold; it must be bought. It is easy to get people to understand intellectually why they should do something, but to get them emotionally involved is much more difficult. However, until emotional involvement is achieved, change will not happen. Involvement and ownership are critical to developing commitment. Your strategic planning must achieve involvement (ideally) of everyone who will be part of the implementation.

5. Action.

Action occurs only when a person has the desire (the values and emotional attitude), the knowledge (correct thinking and logic) and the skills to undertake the action.

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