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16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand

Examples of work

Office of the Auditor General

This project started with a strategic process involving the 25 most senior managers in the Office. After three days of solid work they decided to change their strategic direction from being an organisation that essentially reacted to events after they had occurred, to become far more proactive, stopping events that were detrimental happening before they actually happened. They defined this as product leadership and this led to a major change in the culture, services delivery and leadership style of the organisation.

Bruce was involved as the facilitator of the strategy session that resulted in a new and stronger strategic position for the OAG and significantly increased funding from government.

Later Bruce was involved in significant strategic change projects throughout the organisation including the implementation of action learning groups within the Office.

Bruce was the external advisor, trainer and facilitator of this process.

Client comments

  1. I would certainly recommend using Bruce. I thought your style was relaxed, non intrusive, constructive. It was non threatening and everyone had their say. Gary Lewis Assistant Government Auditor general NZ.

  2. Overall the outcome was very positive. We have now developed a useful abase to enable the finalisation of a strategy. Allan Frost, GM Northern.

  3. A very worthwhile exercise. Well facilitated and the preparatory work was both manageable and helpful in stimulating discussion. Robert Buchanan

  4. I was pleasantly surprized at how well it went. I guess I was inherently cynical about facilitated sessions, but it went well. Bruce's style was unobtrusive and nonthreatening. The product at the end of the session was good and was a major step forward. Terry Mc Lauchlan, Assistant Auditor General

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