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How we operate

Do you need a consultant?

We are in the relationship business. We have found that the moment we start thinking about ourselves and how we will benefit from a relationship is the moment we cease to be as effective as we are committed to being. Therefore before you contact us we'd like to help you decide whether you really need a consultant. If there are better solutions, we'd rather you wait and use us when you really need us. This should help you decide

Virtual Group is a unique consultancy!

Virtual Group is a virtual company without walls or hierarchy. Our consultants understand business and accountibility because they are professionals who equally own the company.

Our approach is one of flexibility and open-mindedness based on trust and teamwork.

Why this is important to you

Great business advice is invaluable and finding the right consultant is like discovering gold. But ...

  • Where do you start looking?
  • How much time can you spend?
  • How can you be certain?

Challenges like these led to the establishment of the Virtual Group. From day one our aim has been to simplify the process for clients seeking great advice.

Our large pool of independent consultants provide a wide range of skills to satisfy most requirements of today's complex business world. And we can offer the right mix of dependable specialists for large or small assignments.

Our members are selected with great care representing only the very best talent.

Dependable Consultants:

All Virtual Group consultants are hand picked for their competence and ability. They have been through a rigourous selection process and their qualifications and experience have been validated. Each has a proven track record of success in their field. Through our recruitment and selection process we promise you dependable experience. So when you choose a Virtual Group consultant you can be confident in your decision.

Our search for 'gold'

When we ran an advertisement to recruit new consultants and thereby offer more skill areas to clients, we received over 60 responses. Just three were ultimately invited to join the group.


In times of risk, uncertainty and change, fresh ideas are a necessity for survival. We customise solutions to give you the competitive edge. No formula or straight line thinking is used. As innovation is in our culture, it drives us to push what's possible and to challenge convention for our clients.

Value and Affordability

Since we do not have a corporate overstructure to support, our rates offer true value reflecting only our skills and excperience. Through the Virtual Group you have access to the most experienced consultants at competitive and affordable rates.

Range of Services

Many of the services that our specialists provide are listed in the Services section. These services are available as detailed, or for more complex assignments we assemble teams of expertise. Virtual groups its consultants under three broad categories:

  1. Consultants who make the organisation stronger
  2. Consultants who make people stronger
  3. Consultants who make decisions stronger
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