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What to join Virtual Group?

Why join Virtual Group?

Members of the Virtual Group Business Consultants have the benefits of belonging to a larger collective of like-minded individuals, while retaining the individual characteristics that make them unique in the market. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • More work - chargeable hours per year
  • Larger more interesting jobs (too risky to give to an individual)
  • Ability to work with others (and learn from each other)
  • The mana of a larger organisation
  • The ability to better satisfy client's needs through a better skill match and a wider range of services.

The Issues for Independent Consultants

There is a large and growing group of highly skilled business consultants, who work independently and who are not nearly as effective as they could be.

Get the mana of a large organisation and the chance to work on larger jobs

The reasons they are currently less effective are:

  • They have a low profile and are difficult to find in the market place
  • They can supply only a small part of their client's business and therefore they are not as important to their clients as they could be
  • If they try to supply more of their client's business, they become generalists and are unable to earn the higher fees associated with specialisation..
  • They lack a support system which allows them to develop and learn from others in the industry
  • They are lonely because they work on their own or need to put a great deal of effort into building their own network of trusted support
  • They can not work together for bigger jobs and therefore are limited to smaller projects and often less interesting work
  • They lack systems and standards which give their clients confidence in quality.
  • Some of these consultants are good at marketing and, despite their small size and lack of advertising, have more opportunities than they can use; or at least they could get into this position if it was worth their while to continue marketing after their book was filled. Others are great consultants but lack the marketing skills to be fully utilised. This imbalance is wasteful and could be overcome in part by balancing winners and doers better.

It is only recently that technology has existed to allow people in different locations to be organised into a cost-effective resource using new organisational techniques and new communications techniques.

How Virtual overcomes these issues

The aim of Virtual Group is to meet the following needs of its members:

  • To provide a profile and a market focus so that members get more work and a higher utilisation of their chargeable hours
  • To provide a system so that members continually grow and are part of something bigger
  • To provide quality standards and systems so that members can give more confidence to their clients
  • To carefully select new members so that all members can feel confident in working with each other, referring each other, and so that clients have confidence in the membership
  • To provide a full range of consulting services so that each member is able to provide their clients with a total service and therefore 1) become a closer to their clients as a business partner, and 2) be able to become an expert in a specialist area and earn the fees associated with a specialist
  • To carefully balance membership so that we have a good balance of finders and doers, so that both benefits
  • To provide an ability to work in teams on bigger jobs which provides continual stretch.
  • To eventually provide: Access to a wide range of products and research which makes the member more valuable.
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