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Our Vision


Hear the Vision of Virtual Group in a 4 minute video by the founders in 1995.

Founding idea

One of the founding ideas of Virtual Group was to: liberate the human spirit at work

The way many people work is at odds with the human condition. We have deliberately built VIRTUAL to be a model of the openness and flexibility we want to create universally. This is part of our story about the pinstriped tent ... a symbol of pinstriped quality, flexibility and mobility with canvass-thin structure and overhead. We call it "wisdom without walls."

Virtual Group is based on the following philosophy:

  • We believe that command-and-control pyramids of power are aberrations of the industrial age and that there are fundamentally better ways of undertaking human endeavour.

  • We believe that world wide electronic communication systems are interconnecting organisations and economies in a network around which institutions and society will be forced to reorganise.

  • We believe in the power self-managing systems. There is now clear evidence coming from emerging science (complexity and chaos theory) that self managing systems are consistent with the way the world works and are based on solid foundations of testable science.

We believe that these factors will lead to major organisational change. Virtual is at the forefront of this change.

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