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The essence of strategy

There are several BIG ideas associated with strategy. These include:

  1. Rethinking the current outdated business model
  2. Fit with the environment
  3. Agreeing the Vision and Values
  4. Maximising competitive power
  5. Agreeing the appropriate Value Proposition
  6. Alignment of the organisation's Culture, Service delivery and Brand.

But the biggest idea is to be strongest at the decisive point.

Being strongest at the decisive point

It's about finding out what really matters (what's decisive) and putting your horsepower behind that point.

It's about doing more of what matters and less of what does not matter. This is important because doing less of what no longer matters is at least as important as doing more of what does.

"Far too few businesses are willing to slough off yesterday and as a result, far too few have resources available for tomorrow." Peter Drucker.

How do you identify what matters?

You've got to be creative. Most strategists work with a very left-brained model that involves lots of research and analysis upfront. I prefer approaches that have the research and analysis at the end.

I like to start in a more right-brained manner. For example, I deliberately set up the room to look and sound different. I use colour, toys, humour and music, not to be smart, but because they help people think more creatively about their business.

You've got to work backwards. Most strategists start with the present. I always start in the future. What environment will we be going into? What is our ideal Vision?

I've found that if we start by thinking about where we are (current issues etc) it's almost impossible to get people thinking creatively about what could be - and that is always the most difficult thing to achieve. Once they have seen the Vision, getting there is the easy part.

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How to get your people excited about your strategy?

It's really important to get your people excited because they are the implementers, but, most middles and bottoms say that strategy is boring. I hear comments like, "Same old, same old."

We'll talk about this next time. Keep tuned!

If your strategy is boring and too left-brained or if you keep getting the "same old, same old" give me a call and lets have some fun together.

Warmest wishes

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