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My last Strategic Snippet showed you how to narrow your focus by understanding your Value Proposition. This one shows you how to put all your horsepower behind your Value proposition by Aligning all the elements of your organisation to it.

Alignment is like the focussed beam of light generated by a laser. Ordinarily, incoherent light consists of waves of many frequencies, in all phases, and moving in all directions. Light waves in a laser beam are coherent, organised in the same frequency in phase, and travelling in the same direction. This gives the laser the power to cut through even very dense materials. You have the same power available to you through Alignment.

To be world-class all aspects of an organisation, including the Brand, Customer service, Culture and Leadership style, need to be aligned to the Value Proposition.

The benefits from Alignment

The process gives the following benefits:

  1. Total clarity by all people in the organisation about what matters

  2. Customers receive service which is consistent with the chosen Value Proposition

  3. Customers and other external parties have a clear and self reenforcing image of the organisation, its brand and what stands for

  4. Each part of the organisation reinforces the other parts with no parts fighting against or rejecting other parts of the organisation

  5. Less Waste, Better quality, More profit.

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Bruce Holland

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