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Your Personal Power Program

Written by B Holland


Busy people like you give too little time for themselves but I hope that you'll set aside 30 minutes to work through this program because it contains the most important questions you will ever answer.


  1. Print out the Program so you can write your responses by hand.
  2. Answer the questions. I have given a short explanation for each question and an example answer. Your answers will of course be different but my example may help.
  3. Refer to it often. I'd like you to put it in your wallet and bring it out every day for at least the next 30 days to be sure you stay on the right track.


Everyone has a different fingerprint of intelligence. Your first step in Personal Power is to be clear about yours because it's likely to be the basis of your unique ability:

  1. Linguistic ("word smart")
  2. Musical ("music smart")
  3. Logical-mathematical ("number/reasoning smart")
  4. Spatial ("picture/strategic smart")
  5. Bodily-kinesthetic ("body smart")
  6. Interpersonal ("people smart")
  7. Intrapersonal ("self smart")
  8. Naturalist ("nature smart")
  9. Spiritual/Existential ("purpose smart").

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Intelligence here

Bruce's Intelligences are from best developed to least developed are: Strategic smart, Purpose smart, Self smart, People smart, Word smart, Reasoning smart, Nature smart, Music smart and Body smart.


Everyone has a unique ability. Usually they don't use all that often, but, if they did it would make them significantly more successful. Usually it is something that energises them. If you're not sure what yours is, ask 10 people you trust what they think and then try again. If you don't want to do this get me to do it for you.

Once you have identified your unique ability use it often and deliberately and see your success multiply.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Unique Ability here

Bruce's unique ability is to help large organisations, and the people in them, see more clearly what they are capable of achieving and how to achieve it.


Each and everyone of us has a reason for being on this Earth. When we know it, we get increased power from the focus and clarity it gives. It also gives our life deeper meaning. And yet research shows many people don't know their purpose or have not bothered to think it through.

Make sure that your purpose is BIG and BOLD and FRIGHTENING. It needs to get you out of bed with a spring every day of the year.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Purpose here

Bruce's Purpose is to improve human endeavour. Bruce believes that there's a fundamentally better way of doing work and he is dedicated to making it happen.


What ever you believe with emotion becomes a reality. Fear is the most dangerous of all beliefs and the most self-limiting. It is doubt and fear that hold us back.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Beliefs here

Bruce believes:

  1. In Truth, Love, Beauty and Balance.
  2. If he treats people well, he will feel stronger and usually they will too.
  3. There is abundance in the world, what he gives will come back multiplied many times over.
  4. We are capable of far more than we think.
  5. Most people want to achieve, if we don't it's usually the organisation's fault.
  6. Together Kiwi's can do anything.


You are a living magnet. You attract into your life, people and circumstances that resonate with your dominant thoughts and emotions. If you want more success, be positive, concentrate on what's good about your life, not what's wrong with it.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Gratefulness here

Bruce is grateful for:

  1. Good health.
  2. A loving family and a warm home.
  3. Caring friends and colleagues.
  4. Work that makes a difference.
  5. Living in Wellington & NZ.
  6. Ideas and endless opportunities.
  7. Art and creativity.
  8. Nature, the sun and the beach.


There are six "messes" many of us have in our lives. Until these messes are cleaned up it will be very difficult to achieve success; they will just get in the road. Make sure you have dealt with your messes:

  1. Health - looking after ourselves both in eating and in fitness
  2. Administration - having our paperwork in order and under control
  3. Relationships - making them mutually beneficial for all parties
  4. Legal - having our legal affairs in order
  5. Surroundings - having attractive and uncluttered surroundings
  6. Financial - getting the cash-flow positive, balancing the budget, and putting something away for retirement.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Messes here

Bruce is messes included:

  1. Health. Until August 2011 Bruce was over weight. In 2012 he will work on flexibility.
  2. Administration. Bruce (ex accountant) should stop doing his own accounts.


When things go wrong it is often because we have failed to understand our priorities or live according to them. Sometimes you can't change what happens, what matters are your priorities and how you deal with it.

Example by Bruce Holland

Write your Priorities here

Bruce's priorities are:

  1. Family and friends.
  2. Health.
  3. Enhancing human endeavour.
  4. Relationships.
  5. Keeping up to date.
  6. Economic.


List the 3 most important strategies you will take over the next 12 months to increase your unique ability, live your purpose, your beliefs and priorities and become even more positive:

  1. .

Next step

This is our gift to you, it should get you on track to become more powerful, however, to become really powerful you need to become involved in our Irresistible Leadership Program.

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