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How Good Are You As A Leader?

Complete these questions. Thinking of the people you manage, answer each of the questions below from 0% to 100% as though they were completing the form.


  • 0% = We totally disagree
  • 50% = Sometimes this is true
  • 100% = We totally agree

  1. We know exactly what is expected of us at work
  2. We have the materials and equipment to do our work right
  3. At work, we each have the opportunity to do what we do best every day
  4. In the past 7 days, we have received recognition or praise for doing good work
  5. Our manager seems to care about us as a people and encourages our development
  6. At work, our opinions seem to count
  7. Our manager makes us feel our job is important
  8. Our co-workers are committed to doing quality work
  9. In the past six months, someone at work has talked to each of us about our progress
  10. This last year, we have had opportunities to learn and grow

Total out of 1000

For even more on leadership If your score is under 700 you almost certainly need leadership training see People Development

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