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Bruce Holland
Workplace Wizard

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+64 21 620 456

16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City

Assess whether your organisation is a maker of the world or a breaker of the world

I believe business is causing major damage to the world because it is based on unsustainable elements like never-ending growth, material wealth and accountant's profit. And worse, I've been contributing to this my whole life.

However, as I've worked through these issues, it has also become clear to me that business is now the only hope we have for a better world. Governments, NGO's and individuals can help, but only business has the capacity to make a sufficient difference. But, to move from 'breaker of the world' to 'maker of the world,' business will need to change. We need business that cares for its people, business that measures what is important, business that is more bottom up and business that cooperates with nature.

Makers of the world will lead business to a better future through:

  1. Fulfilling work for everyone
  2. Full partnership with nature
  3. Success redefined as 'contribution to well-being of life'
  4. Opportunities for all to reach their full potential
  5. All systems self-evolving.

This tool will let you self-access whether your organisation is a maker of the world, or a breaker of the world.

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