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Rate your leadership behaviours

There are two types of managers:

  1. Refrigerators
  2. Radiators.

This may sound simplistic but I'm sure you have all felt what I mean. In the presence of some people (refrigerators) I feel about as strong an earthworm. In the presence of others (radiators) I feel I could do almost anything.

Refrigerators suck energy out of the system. They make people feel useless, worthless and hopeless. They have all the ideas. No one else has much to offer. They have to be at the centre of everything. In their presence others give up.

Radiators push energy into the system. They make people feel BIG, worthy and hopeful. They allow others to suggest ideas. They know everyone has a genius factor and help them find it. In their presence almost anything is possible.

What sort of manager are you?

Most managers fit somewhere between these extremes. Tick the characteristics below. The closer you are to 12 ticks the more you radiate.

  1. Radiators find reasons to include people rather than find reasons to exclude them
  2. Radiators catch people doing the right thing rather than catch people doing the wrong thing
  3. Radiators celebrate other people's success first rather than celebrate their own success first
  4. Radiators liberate people rather than control people
  5. Radiators take time to understand the capabilities of each person so they can connect them with the right opportunities rather than slot the person into a job
  6. Radiators find the genius that is present in all people rather than their weaknesses
  7. Radiators expect others to have ideas rather than provide all the ideas themselves
  8. Radiators support people rather than stand over people
  9. Radiators want to serve people rather than want people to serve them
  10. Radiators generate individual initiative rather than sap individual initiative
  11. Radiators expand others rather than limit others
  12. Radiators are principles based rather than be power based.

Radiators double productivity

In today's environment you can not afford Refrigerators who make your people feel small. Research shows that Radiators can increase productivity by a factor of two.

Refrigerators can be turned into Radiators. It takes time to change their mind sets, a well structured process, measurement and peer-pressure.

How to change Refrigerators into Radiators ...

How to change Refrigerators into Radiators.

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