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To go faster, slow down

Organisations need to go faster because:

  1. Opportunities are here today and gone tomorrow
  2. Customers demand instant satisfaction.

But working faster or longer is not the answer. Indeed I think that this is a major issue:

  1. The frenzy is increasing
  2. Senior people are so busy they have insufficient time for thinking, visiting clients, personal growth or families.

I want to argue the case for going slow. If you're like most people, only a hand full of things will be truly important to the business yet we are obsessed with the urgent and the trivial. Just like a short-sighted person, organisations that are too hurried fail to see what's important.

Stop and think

Successful people and organisations know what's important and they do this first. This means stopping to think and getting the whole team to agree on what is important so we all move forward focussed on the same things. It's called strategy development.

No one is going to give you the time to think. We have to reclaim it for ourselves. Thinking is the place where intelligent action begins.

If you are in a position to reclaim some time for your team to think, get them all together to think about what's important to their success (and your's) in the long-term.

Here's how

  1. Develop your strategies
  2. Get everyone committed
  3. Execute your strategies.

Then watch the frenzy melt away and be amazed how much time you have for your clients, your staff, your family and your life.

I'd like to help you do this.

Warmest wishes,

Bruce. Bruce Holland
Virtual Group Business Consultants
Phone +6421620456 or Skype Bruce.Holland
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