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Successful leaders are familiar with three worlds:

  1. The world inside
  2. The world outside
  3. The world between.

The World Inside

In my experience the world inside is most important for leaders and the most neglected. There are three reasons why it is most important. First, I have found that if people are not strong on the inside, there is no way they can be strong on the outside. As inner strength grows, other can’t help but notice and be attracted to it. Second, the leader’s authenticity depends on knowing themselves. If they don’t know who they are, how can anyone else know who they are? Third, when they understand why they are on this Planet and their genius factor, they are well on they way to achieving their destiny.

My Irresistible Leadership Program, puts an unusual amount of focus on this world, including:

The World Outside

In my experience managers are usually in touch with their external world. They are better at using their five senses than their sixth sense: intuition. Most are good at analysing problems, market places and competitive positions. They are better at analysing than synthesising. This is why, most of the time in my Irresistible Leadership Program is spend on building skills in strategic development, strategic execution, Chaos, Complexity and systems thinking.

The World Between

Most managers spend most of their time focused on the individuals within their organisation (Peter, John and Mary). In Chart 1 they would be looking at separation and seeing the two faces.

Managers skilled in relationships know that it is the space in between people that makes the most difference. Instead of seeing emptiness between people, they see emotions, heat, vibrations, energy, trust, information, communication, synergy and love.

In the Chart 2 below they’d see the vase, focusing on the connections and the power of “we.” Their job is to fill the vase to the top with these things.

Physicists used to see their science as the study of physical material like solids, liquids and gases. They are now starting to see it as the study of how things are organised and relate to each other. In business, we need to come to the same realisation and in my Irresistible Leadership Program we spend a significant amount of time:

How Do You Rate?

Rate yourself from 1 to 10 (where 1=poor and 10=world class) on how familiar your managers are in each of their three worlds:

  1. Their World Inside ___
  2. Their World Outside ___
  3. Their World Between ___.

How well are you developing your leaders? Are they familiar with their three worlds?

Most organisations, after putting off these issues for too long, have suddenly realised that their future depends on it.

Don't put it off any longer! Warmest wishes,


In the meantime, warmest wishes,
Bruce Holland
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