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Bruce Holland

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To Provide Meaning

For every single person, there is a place to fill which no one else can fill, something to do which no one else can do. A leader who can help people connect to their larger purpose by showing how the work is worthwhile is truly a leader. When this happens you have magic.

To Build the Organisational Energy

Organisations are patterns of dynamic energy fields. These fields can be sensed immediately by perceptive people. They come from trust and the relationships and communication build up between individuals one at a time over time. When they are strong and positive they are more valuable than any of the fixed assets in the balance sheet. A true leader builds this asset accordingly by focusing at three level: mental, emotional and spiritual; working on self esteem, the values of the organisation, the behaviours expected, the relationships between people and communication.

To Free People

Most managers over control. The best results occur when people have large measure of self control over how they achieve their goals. The words have become debased but self managment or empowerment really works!

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Bruce Holland

Helps large organisations be focussed, fast and flexible. Places where people have more meaning, depth and connection.

Expert in Strategy, Structure, Culture and Leadership Development.

One of NZs most experienced change agents.

Liberating the Human Spirit at Work

Key words: Leadership, leadership development, leadership management, leadership training, leadership program, leadership skills

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