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I've just finished reading "Paradoxes In Leadership" by John Heider and I thought you might be interested in my summary.

I'd be very interested in what you think about these and whether you can think of any other paradoxes.

Heider notes that in many ways leadership is a paradox:

1. The true leader knows that constant interventions will block the group's progress

Set me a task in which I can put something of myself, and it is a task no longer, it is a joy; it is an art Quote by Bliss Carman

2. The true leader does not seek a lot of praise or reward but gets plenty.

3. The greatest generals do not rush into every battle. They offer the enemy many opportunities to make self-defeating errors.

4. Good leadership consists of motivating people to their highest level by offering them opportunities not obligations

I am always ready to learn, but do not always like being taught Quote by Winston Churchill

5. To become powerful you must give away power.

The leaders new work is as a designer, as a steward, as a teacher, as a creator of creative tension Quote by Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline



Bruce Holland

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