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Managers forget we are hard-wired and demotivate us

Many managers have it all wrong. They don't have to motivate their people; they just have to stop demotivating them. There are 13 major areas where managers demotivate people; this Snippet deals with four.

Managers forget how primitive we are

Great managers are experts in human nature. They know that for 99.8% of our history we have been tribal hunters and gatherers. And under our veneer of sophistication we are primitive animals that have evolved to be successful in a world that's profoundly different from the environment we now find at work.

In the chart above (based on an extension of Herrmann's Thinking Preferences) the spiritual quotient (SQ) reflects our deepest needs and has the most power to move us. This is followed by the emotional quotient (EQ), then the intellectual quotient (IQ) and finally the physical quotient (PQ). But most managers work on the basis that it was exactly opposite.

Managers forget how spiritual we are

In most human beings real success comes from the satisfaction of knowing that their work is important, and that what they do makes a difference. This is the essence of spirituality: that I matter and I made a difference.

Most managers forget how spiritual we are and how much it is part of our deepest longings. They are embarrassed to discuss things spiritual even though evidence shows we are hard-wired from the beginning of time to dream about our place in the wider scheme of things; and ask questions such as: "Why do I exist?", "How can I leave a lasting legacy?". For more...

Managers forget the power of our emotions

Most managers still overvalue the intellect even though evidence shows we are hard-wired so our emotions rule.

I'm a change agent, not a psychologist, but I know enough about human nature to understand that when people feel threatened or unsafe they always react with their emotions. The most important lesson in making change is to deal with emotions first. People are like icebergs, the piece we see is the head, the logical, rational self, but actually the real person is largely invisible. At least 85% is below the surface, but it's very definitely there and it's very definitely in control. To work through emotions managers need to understand trust, feelings, fears, and insecurities. For more ...

Managers forget we need to belong

Many managers still behave as though belonging does not matter even though evidence shows we are hard-wired to belong. One of the strongest drives we have built into us is the drive to belong. The worst possible punishment was to be banished from the tribe and deserted. It still is; so what do managers do? Every time a change occurs people have to reapply for their position. For more ...

Managers forget we need to cooperate

Many managers believe that competition is the natural order of things. Although there has always been competition, the natural order was overwhelmingly co-operative. It had to be ... so we could hunt and gather. A considerable amount of my work is team building and improving co-operative behaviour. I work on individual beliefs, organisational culture, and internal politics. As improvements occur, it's like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon ... suddenly managers realise the natural order of things and how work was meant to be. For more ...

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