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Irresistible leaders never die

Irresistible leaders are those rare people that others are drawn to and want to follow without knowing why.

Irresistible leaders never die.

When people talk about irresistible leaders they do it with warmth in their heart and in their voice even if the experience was years ago; sometimes well after they are dead (think of Gandhi, Ed Hillary and Peter Blake).

When people talk about irresistible leaders you can almost see them grow, their posture straightens and their eyes shine as they recall how these people made them feel.

Irresistible Leaders Change Lives and Change the World

Irresistible leaders change lives by helping others contribute far more than they thought they were capable of. Around Irresistible Leaders they feel like a god and in a snowball effect they in turn make their people into gods.

Turn enough people into gods and you change the world!

Unfortunately Not All Managers Are Irresistible

Some managers are vampires. Vampires are also rare. They suck energy out of the system and make people feel weak and hopeless.

Most managers are in the middle, some are very good, others are not so good.

The difference in behaviour between irresistible leaders and very good leaders is quite small. Irresistible leaders have developed habits of thinking and behaving that are slightly different. These habits, although only slight, lead to vastly improved results over time.

Secrets Of Irresistible Leaders

There are 12 secrets that Irresistible Leaders know that other managers don't.

How To Become An Irresistible Leader

If you want to become an Irresistible Leader, live forever and change the world, it's no good enough to just read about it, but there is a sure fire way and it only takes 4 days!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to get cracking.

Warmest wishes
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