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Irresistible leaders are Buddha Hunters

I love the way stories can be used in business. For the teller, it's a way of getting really important messages across without resistance. For the listener, stories can be unforgettable and fresh no matter how many times they are heard.

The essence of what makes an irresistible leader can be told in a simple story. I call it "Buddha Hunters." Once you have heard it you wil never forget the essence of irresistible leadership.

The Story

Four hundred years ago a group of Thai monks hid their Golden Buddha from marauding tribes by covering it with clay. Soon afterwards their temple was attacked, everyone was killed and knowledge of the Golden Buddha was lost.

For the next 400 years everyone thought the Buddha was a clay Buddha.

Recently, when they tried to move it, the clay broke off and the Golden Buddha inside was revealed.


Irresistible Leaders are Buddha Hunters. They know that everyone has a Golden Buddha somewhere inside, however, it's mostly covered with mud that people have flicked at them over the years; often by the people they trusted most, like parents, teachers and managers. They've been told that they can't do things, they're not good enough, they don't have the skills and it becomes part of the picture they have of themselves.

It gets even worse, because, pathetically, we also flick mud at ourselves. The little voice in the back of our heads torments many of us by saying, "I'm not good enough," or "I'm stupid."

As a result, many people are a tiny fraction of their potential. I agree with Brian Tracy when he says, "The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channelled towards great good."

Irresistible Leaders are Buddha Hunters. First they find their own Golden Buddha; then they help their people find their Golden Buddha. Buddha Hunters do this actively. It will not just happen. They help their people break off the mud so their brightness can shine through again.

When Buddhists bow before statues of the Buddha, they bow in honour of their own potential. When they bow to each other, they are recognising the essential Buddha nature in each other.

Just imagine the possibilities at work, if our leaders bowed regularly to acknowledge their own bigger Self and the essential nature of their people.

My Book

My new book is called "BUDDHA HUNTERS - Secrets of How Irresistible Leaders Liberate the Human Spirit at Work."

It is available in paper back and as a download. Both formats are offered at an introductory discount of 20%. It is 164 pages of pure brilliance!

The major headings include:

    1. Leadership influences the 90% to become winners
    2. Leadership taps into under-utilised energy
    1. Leaders are managers of human energy
    2. Untapped energy sources
    3. Accessing the subconscious
    4. Accessing right brain creativity
    5. Accessing the front line
    6. Accessing the power of minds joined together
    7. Eliminating silos
    8. Power not force
    9. Leaders grow Body, Head, Heart and Soul
    10. Leaders are BIG people who know themselves
    11. Leaders know people are different from each other
    12. Leaders know people are essentially the same as each other
    13. Irresistible leaders find Genius in their people
    14. Irresistible leaders fill buckets
    15. Leaders value love, truth and beauty
    16. Leadership is all in the mind
    17. Irresistible leaders are radiators, not refrigerators
    18. Irresistible leaders are Go-givers
    19. No one is a perfect leader but together we can be
    20. Irresistible leaders fix the workplace, not the work
    21. Irresistible leaders know that it's for life
    1. How to get the best out of your people
    2. Defining leadership Competency Profiles
    3. The words irresistible leaders use.

BUDDHA HUNTERS will be an important part of my Irresistible Leadership Program which takes these ideas and turns them into behaviours throughout your organisation. I always say, "It's a bit like buying a book on how to play golf. You learn how to do it but that is different from actually being able to do it." The book will give you the knowledge. The Program will turn it into behaviours throughout your organisation. If you don't believe me, lead what others have said.

How to order the book

It is available in paper back, a steal for $US13.60.

It is also available as a file download for $US6.40.

Give me a call if I can help. In the meantime: Think BIG!

Warmest wishes,
Bruce Holland
Virtual Group Business Consultants
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