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Do You Know Your Genius Factor?

Recently, when I've been working with groups, I've been talking quite a lot about genius.

To start with I was concerned that Kiwis would not respond well to the word genius but I've been surprised and happy with their reaction. Although most people would not volunteer it, when I raise the subject, they know that we all have a bit of genius. They also know that they haven't spent enough time looking for it, and even if they have found it, they haven't spend long enough using it.

Just imagine how much more successful the world would be if we all knew our genius and used it much more often!

A story

So what's the problem? Why don't we search more diligently? The story of the Golden Buddha gives part of the answer.

Four hundred years ago some Thai monks hid their golden Buddha from marauding tribes by covering it with clay. Soon afterwards the temple was attacked and everyone was killed. For the next 400 years everyone thought this Buddha was a clay Buddha. Recently, when they tried to move it, the clay broke off and the golden Buddha inside was revealed.

We're all a bit like that golden Buddha, covered with mud that people have thrown at us over the years; mud that we have accepted! Over the years we've been told that we can't do things, we're not good enough. We don't have the skills. And often it's told to us by the people who mean the most to us, like parents and teachers. It starts early, just when we learn best, so by the time we are adults, pathetically we try to conform with what we think others expect, rather than what we know in our hearts is right for us. It becomes so bad that we not only put each other down, we put ourselves down too.

We need to break off that mud so our golden Buddha can shine through again!

This is the challenge I have been giving to groups in my workshops - not only how to find their genius but also how to find other's.

Great leaders know about this stuff. They know that we all have the potential for greatness and most of us use only a tiny fraction of that potential. Sure position and power come into it, but in the end people will only follow you if they think you can help make them stronger.

Great leaders go to sleep at night knowing they have used their talent to help someone else find theirs. It's exciting work. It's no wonder they go to sleep at night satisfied, knowing that they've done something with real meaning.

Go out and be a leader! Break off some mud! If you need some help give me a call. The technology required to help this process is now available and is being accessed by many groups.

Have a great day!

Bruce Holland.

Bruce Holland

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