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Buddha Hunters unlock the frontline

In my last Strategic Snippet I described how Irresistible Leaders are Buddha Hunters.

Buddha Hunters know that every person was born with a golden Buddha inside them (a core of greatness).

Unfortunately, over the years, their Buddha becomes covered with mud that people they trusted (parents, teachers and managers) have flicked at them.

Buddha Hunters make it their business to crack open the mud so their golden Buddha can shine again, lighting up the business and the world. Buddha Hunters Unlock the Frontline One of the joys of my work is that sometimes I get to work with people right at the frontline of the organisation - often in gumboots and overalls.

Each time this happens I've been delighted by the contribution they have made to complex, strategic organisational thinking; and more importantly, the managers of these people, could hardly believe what they were seeing and hearing.

Over the years there have been so many magical occasions that I have no doubt we have a wealth of untapped gold hidden beneath the mud. All it takes to mine this wealth is a Buddha Hunter - someone who believes in their people more than the people believe in themselves.

I'll share just one example to make the point.

A real example

In 2010, the three Directors (all Buddha Hunters) of a medium-sized food manufacturer in Hamilton asked me to help them unlock the potential of their people in a way that put the customer at the centre of everything they did.

I designed an Irresistible Leadership Program (eight half-day workshops) that involved every person (about 25) across the organisation. The three Directors attended every workshop.

It was not until the second workshop that I met Jimmy (not his real name), because, during the first workshop, he was in court on some charge. Jimmy was one of the scariest looking people I have ever worked with. Everything about his body language and the tattoos on his fingers and neck screamed, "Stay away, I'm dangerous!"

When I saw Jimmy I thought, "If we can make progress with this guy, the program will have been a success."

As the workshops progressed the trust levels increased and slowly Jimmy started to open up. It turns out his father had been murdered, his brother had committed suicide by hanging himself and Jimmy had been in trouble with the law nearly all of his life.

By the end of the program this man had grown enormously. He became a supervisor of one of the production areas. Trapped within a rough and scary exterior was a man of real potential. Irresistible leaders are Buddha Hunters, they know about this potential and deliberately go about trying to discover it.

Jimmy-type changes will not just happen on their own. Often people have a lifetime of put-downs to overcome before they start to believe in themselves again. They need to be reminded of their greatness by someone who deeply believes that something inside them is special.

When Jimmy-like changes start to occur, others in the group notice and confidence starts to reinforce itself throughout the whole frontline like a large flywheel on the move and almost anything is possible.

My Book

I believe in this concept so deeply I wrote a book about it. It's called "BUDDHA HUNTERS - Secrets of How Irresistible Leaders Liberate the Human Spirit at Work."

It is available in paper back and as a download. Both formats are offered at an introductory discount of 20%. It is 164 pages of pure brilliance!

BUDDHA HUNTERS will be an important part of my Irresistible Leadership Program which takes these ideas and turns them into behaviours throughout your organisation.

If you don't believe me, read what others have said.

How to order the book

It is available in paper back, a steal for $US13.60.

It is also available as a file download for $US6.40.

Give me a call if I can help. In the meantime: Think BIG!

Warmest wishes,
Bruce Holland
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