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A story about cooperation

One of my clients told me this wonderful story about the power of cooperation. His father-in-law died recently in a small town in Central Otago and he and his family went down to the funeral at St Bathans.

The whole community came out to dig the grave. Apparently this practice has gone down through the generations and persists even though today they have mechanical diggers that would make it far easier and quicker. This is because they realize how much the laughter and tears have united the community over the years; and provided the stories they tell over and over that give them their identity.

Lessons for managers

Joint activities, especially in times of unusual hardship, sadness and joy have enormous power to unite people and business managers who disregard this, do so to their own disadvantage.

Share your stories

If you have any stories on cooperation share them and help make the world a better place to do business in.

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