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A Totally New Way of Looking at Leadership

The video

This Strategic Snippet introduces a video to help you develop your leadership skills. The link to the video is:

Leadership is confusing because so much has been written about it and as a result, most managers focus on the wrong things and get what they don't want. The video shows how the whole area can be simplified down to three eyes. Leaders need: 1. An eye that looks inward. 2. An eye that looks outward. 3. An eye that looks between.

The eye to look inside

In many ways the eye that looks inside is the most important. There are three reasons why it is most important:

  1. If managers are not strong on the inside, there is no way they can be strong on the outside. As inner strength grows, other can't help but notice and be attracted to it.
  2. The manager's authenticity depends on knowing themselves. If they don't know who they are, how can anyone else know who they are?
  3. When managers understand why they are on this Planet and their genius factor, they are well on they way to achieving their destiny.

The video introduces "Genius Factor." Your Genius Factor is far more special and deep than just a strength. It is 'what you can do that no one else can do.' It is your gift to the world. People who align their work to their Genius Factor achieve their goals at a remarkable pace, because they pursue things that matter to them and make full use of their talents.

Managers that understand their Genius Factor can be themselves in the truest sense. They don't need to compare themselves with anyone else. They don't need to pretend to be something they aren't. It gives them power that others feel and want to be part of.

Without this understanding managers have little idea about who they are, so it's little wonder that other people struggle to understand who they are. Because they don't know what makes them special, they don't spend enough time on activities serving their purpose or using their special gifts and intelligence. Also because they don't see themselves as Great they don't expect to find Greatness in other people.

The video covers:

  • How to understand your purpose
  • How to discover your Genius Factor
  • How to liberate the human energy of every person within your organisation.

The eye to look outside

The eye that looks outside is the most developed.

Most managers are in touch with their external world. It is what managers have been trained to do. It is how they spend most of their time. They scan their organisation and their environment for opportunities and threats. They study their competitors and their customers to identify what is changing and how they can take advantage.

Yet, even this eye has limited focus. It can see to analyse, break things apart and understand the detail. It is less successful at synthesising, and seeing the patterns in the bigger system. Also managers' worldview is often dated; based on mechanics more than organics.

The video covers: new insights from:

  • Chaos Theory
  • Complexity Science
  • Systems Thinking.

The eye to look between

Physicists used to see their science as the study of physical material like solids, liquids and gases. They are now starting to see it as the study of how things are organised and relate to each other. In business, we need to come to the same realisation.

Building and managing relationships is one of the core skills for any manager both within the organisation and beyond it. Yet many managers see their organisation as an 'organisational tree' rather than a network of interrelated networks.

Managers skilled in relationships know that it is the space between people that makes the most difference.

Instead of seeing emptiness between people, they see emotions, heat, vibrations, energy, trust, information, communication, synergy and love.

The video covers:

  • How to build stronger relationships within your organisation
  • New insights into how to build collaboration, breakdown silos and build strong networks.

How Do You Rate?

Rate your organisation from 1 to 10 (where 1=poor and 10=world class) on how familiar your managers are in each of their three worlds:

Their World Inside __ Their World Outside _ Their World Between _.

Are your managers familiar with their three worlds? How well are you developing your managers?

How to make the change

Virtual Group Business Consultants has developed the following Leadership Program so your people can make the change.

Developing the eye to look inside

Our Irresistible Leadership Program, helps managers develop this world, including:

Developing the eye to look outside

In our experience managers are usually in touch with their external world. They are better at using their five senses than their sixth sense: intuition. They are better at analysing than synthesising. Our Irresistible Leadership Program helps managers develop skills in:

Developing the eye to look between

Managers skilled in relationships know that it is the space in between people that makes the most difference.

Our Irresistible Leadership Program helps managers develop this world, including:

Most organisations have lived with this confusion for too long. Their leaders focus on the wrong things and get what they don't want. The benefits are great. The investment to put it right is surprisingly small.

Don't put it off any longer!

Warmest wishes,


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