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Team coaching, not individual coaching

Most leadership development programs are based on building individuals, not teams. For example, individual senior managers are identified and sent off to some prestige leadership program at university. There is no doubt this benefits the individual's knowledge and external networks. However, when the manager returns to the workplace and tries to introduce some of their new thinking they hit barriers because no one else has had their experience or changed expectations. Soon their excitement and enthusiasm dissipate and the old patterns remain unchanged.

The Irresistible Leadership Program is different. We work with the whole team. Everyone changes together. Everyone starts to think differently and this is amplified this change through peer pressure.

Extensive research published in the book, "Senior Leadership Teams - what it takes to make them great", by Hay Group supports team coaching.

"Surprisingly, the research revealed that teams do not improve markedly when members receive individual coaching to develop their personal strengths. Most effective teams are coached as entities in real-time. Because participating in team discussions and providing coaching at the same time can be fraught with difficulties, the researchers recommend using an external coach."

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