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Service Quality Process

"At the heart of any service quality program is the need for every person to be 100% customer focused.. " Bruce Holland

Does your organisation pass the service quality test?

  1. Does your organisation have an effective process to make sure your employees are constantly thinking about the customer and how to add value to his business? More importantly, do your customers agree or is their potential untapped?
  2. Are all your employees working with energy and good humor to the benefit of your customers? Do your best customers agree?
  3. Do more new ideas for new products and services come from your grass roots people or are you reliant on your management? Do you have a competitive advantage because everyone works as though they owned the company or are you going backwards?

Service Quality requires strength in four components

  1. customer focus
  2. to be strategically aligned
  3. to be Vaues driven
  4. continuous improvement

... service quality improves when these four intersect.

Program stages

Although each program is tailored to the organisation, we have worked in all of the following stages:

  1. Research Stage (Diagnostics,research client, culture survey etc.
  2. Design the Service Quality Program
  3. Developing the Culture (vision, core values etc.
  4. Building Commitment for the Program
  5. Staff Development.

We provide training to all people and specific training to managers in addition.

Our Role

We have worked in each of the following roles:

1 Program design.

There is no 'right' program for all circumstances; it depends upon what you are trying to achieve (e.g. how important is ISO certification?); the market environment in which you operate (e.g. the magnitude of change and your competitive strength); the attitudes, skills and knowledge of your people; the organisation's readiness for change; and the resources you are prepared to invest.

2 Program Managers

Change of this magnitude is not easy, and some clients prefer the insurance (you only get one chance) and economy which goes with an external manager. We can work as managers during the design, training, introduction, implementation and follow-up stages.

3 Contributors to the program

Often our clients recognise that the in-house development of various components is not economic. In these cases, after reviewing their program, we modify our components (e.g. values development, training material, surveys) to fit their program.

Our style

Our style is practical in orientation Interactive, learning by doing, Fun and high energy, Lifting-the-lid on creativity Wall-to-wall across the organisation.

When to use Service Quality Training

  1. Organisation wants to become more service focused
  2. Organisation wants a culture of "Service First" throughout
  3. Customer complaints are increasing
  4. Competitors have better service quality
  5. Rework levels are too high
  6. Sales and profit are too low.

Probable outcomes of Service Quality

  1. People throughout the organisation a view the next person in the process as their customer
  2. Service to external customers improves
  3. There is less waste and less rework
  4. People throughout the organisation work more cooperatively and understand each other's roles more fully
  5. People develop a deep understanding of each other and their issues
  6. People develop a culture of trust and sharing
  7. Customers buy more, customers retained longer
  8. Revenues increase and profit improves.

Product support

This product has been developed and is supported by Bruce Holland with help where required from other members of the Virtual Group Business Consultants.


All work undertaken by Bruce Holland is guaranteed. If at the end of the program the client doesn't feel that they have received value for money, they may adjust the bill and pay an amount equal to the value they feel they received.

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