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Other Strategic Products

  1. Value Proposition - What is the right Value Proposition for your organisation?
  2. Strategic Alignment - This product shows you how to align your organisation's Culture, Service delivery, Brand and Leadership to your Value Proposition, so that all components are working together rather than pulling apart.
  3. Vision- Martin Luther King taught the world that when the dream lives inside others, it lives forever. This product gives you this power in your organisation. Bruce Holland's visioning process works!
  4. Purpose - Without a clear purpose and vision, staff will be confused and customers will see you as wishy-washy. Also, when people find their Purpose they are filled with energy far greater than any physical, emotional or mental energy.
  5. Culture - How to define a winning Culture that reinforces the strategy then establish it throughout and measure it constantly.
  6. Values Development - When values are specified and agreed, people know what to expect and the level of trust in the organisations goes up enormously. When Bruce was the Strategic Planning Manager at the BNZ, part of his job was to run a highly successful project to get 6500 staff agreeing on the values for the Bank. He has taken these lessons and turned them into a product that you can use.
  7. Strategic Branding.

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