Virtual specialist:

Bruce Holland

Organisational Design

Our products

Virtual Group supports the following products in performance optimisation:

  • Collaboration - Our product for breaking down silos is called the Desilonisation Program. Silos cause people who are supposed to be on the same team to work against each other, paralysing performance. For more information on breaking down organisational silos
  • Staff Empowerment Process - Get people doing the right things, things that optimise total effectiveness, at the right times without being instructed.
  • Customer Intimacy Product - Our product that's specifically designed to make your organisation Customer Intimate in just 9 modules in 4 days of workshops. See case study...
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborative Networks - Today strategic partnering is big news in the United States and it?s starting to catch on here too! And no wonder, because it leads to increased profits and better quality.
  • Better Product Development and Increasing Innovation - Research shows this product has the potential to increase the effectiveness of your product development and processes for generating ideas by between 9 times and 95 times.
  • Strengthen Your Corporate Services - Turn Your Corporate Service Departments into the Powerhouse of Your Organisation.
  • Process Improvement - It is better to have outstanding processes that deliver results in the hands of ordinary people than it is to accept an ordinary process that requires the heroic efforts of outstanding people to succeed.
  • Action Meetings - Meetings consume a great deal of time, especially for knowledge workers. Productive use of this time is critical. Action Meetings will not only save you time but beneficially impact your team to become more co-operative and result-oriented.
  • Action Learning - The great attraction of action learning is its unique power to simultaneously solve difficult problems and develop people and organisations at minimal costs to the institution.
  • Peer-to-Peer Development - Peer-to-peer development was listed by the Harvard Business Review (Feb. 2006) as one of the 20 "breakthrough ideas for 2006".
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