Virtual Health and Safety Management Services

A safety System is:

  • A planned, documented and verifiable method of managing hazards and associated risks.
  • A deliberate linking and sequencing of processes that creates a repeatable and identifiable way of managing OHS.
  • Corrective actions and system improvements flow from the cycle of monitoring, audit and review, central to a systematic approach.

Our System

In conjunction with a senior ACC auditor, we have developed an occupational health and safety (OH&S) system designed for businesses, to ensure compliance within current and future legislative standards and to provide the opportunity to be measured against ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP).

Our Process

  • Initial meeting – discuss individual requirements
  • Analysis of current systems and site visit- If required (up to 6 hours on site + report)
  • Provide OH&S System
  • Provide Training on OH&S legislation & system implementation
  • Assist with implementation through facilitation of Monthly Meetings
  • Business implementation and self audit (6 –9 months depending on organisations commitment)
  • ACC pre audit
  • ACC Primary Level WSMP Audit 1 day (within 1 year and biannually thereafter)

Return on Investment

After attaining the primary level of compliance (10% discount on ACC premiums) with WSMP, a business could expect to recoup their investment within a 5-year period depending on the current level of premiums being paid to ACC. This could be further reduced if a business obtains the secondary level (15% discount) or tertiary level (20% discount) of compliance within WSMP.

Other advantages

  • Gain compliance under the act and reduce an organisations risk of prosecution,
  • Obtain an OHS system designed to meet your specific needs,
  • Competitive advantage over businesses who are not OHS compliant,
  • Reduced risk of employee injury and harm,
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and therefore reduced costs to employer,
  • Involves employees in the OH&S process and encourages a team environment,
  • Encourages a staff driven culture of workplace safety,
  • Valuable training tool for all staff,
  • On call advice from OHS Consultant.

Other Products

  • Compliance Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Strategic Risk Analysis & Minimisation
  • Loss Prevention
  • Emergency and Critical Incident Mangement
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