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Service delivery program - More details

1 Customer designed jobs

The program shows how to examine every job and every task from the customer's point of view, to see how it adds value to the customer (especially the external customer but also the internal customer). Achieving an attitude where, wall-to-wall, everyone thinks of their job in these terms, is critical to success.

2 Systems

The program shows how to examine every system and make it more customer friendly. My research shows that 96% of people want to do a good job. If they fail it's usually because of organisational issues or because of unhelpful processes. To break through this the people require tools to help them rethink their processes, especially how they deal with customers.

3 People

%r r% The program works at the people level. People who feel good about themselves and what they are doing will do a better job of taking care of the customer. This usually means developing the skills, the knowledge and the attitude of the people. These components are shown as three intersecting circles. Change occurs when all three are met.

4 Management methods

For customer service to improve manages need to change the way they manage. The program shows managers how:

  1. What gets talked about gets done - how to keep repeating good service stories
  2. What gets measured gets done- how to keep measuring service
  3. What gets budgeted gets done- it will cost money, recognise this
  4. What gets applauded gets done - honour excellence in service
  5. What gets rewarded gets done - how to reward and promote the champions
  6. What gets reprimanded gets done - don't tolerate poor performance.

5 How to Think Of Customers

For customer service to improve every person in the organisation needs to think about their customer in a new way:

  1. Who are our customers?
  2. Do we give customers what they want? Including Needs? Wants? Expectations?
  3. What are they telling us and are we listening?
  4. How do they see us and our service?
  5. How do our customers see us in comparison to our competitors?
  6. How creatively are we thinking about our customer?

6 Moments of Truth

A moment of truth is the first five seconds when somebody in the organisations makes contact with a customer. If this is a positive experience customer service improves. If this is a negative experience customer service decreases. The program shows how to improve moments of truth throughout the organisation.

7 How to create Raving Fans

The program shows each and every person how they can turn their customers into raving fans. This includes people who only have internal customers. Creating raving fans throughout the organisation is fundamental to improving customer service.

8 The customersí buying chain

To achieve great customer service we need to examine every part of our organisations as though we were looking through the customerís eyes. If our organisation is easy to deal with the buying chain will be simple and the customer will be satisfied. If it is difficult to negotiate the customer will be dissatisfied. The program shows people how to think about their job from the customerís view and simplify their part of the buying chain.

9 How to communicate with different customer types

Customers are different fundamentally. If you deal with them all in the same way there is no way you can be successful. Itís vital to understand these differences and change your behaviour accordingly. The program shows you how to identify different customer types and how to behave and communicate differently for each type.

10 Other components

  1. The Six Criteria of Good Perceived Service Quality
  2. The Five Dimensions of Service
  3. How to create a Customers' Bill of Rights
  4. How to Measure Performance Ratings
  5. How to Create a Customer positive environment
  6. Actions towards better customer service
  7. Setting customer standards
  8. Establishing customer measurements
  9. Handling customer complaints.

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