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Making the Most of Your Genius Factor

This workshop and reading is designed to help you find your Genius Factor. We all have a Genius Factor but most of us have no idea what it is. Occasionally we trip over it and succeed way beyond our expectations. The trouble is, it happens so infrequently that we tend to disregard it and don't learn from it. Once you know your Genius Factor you can use it more often and deliberately then see your success bloom. What is more important, once you have found your Genius Factor you will start looking for Genius in other people, and you will find it, then they will succeed beyond their expectations.

Content includes

  • Identifying your Genius Factor
  • Learning how to use your Genius more effectively
  • Helping others see their Genius Factor and use it.

Why this is important

  1. Irresistible leaders know they have a Genius Factor and when they use it they add extraordinary value to the world.
  2. When people understand their Genius Factor and use it deliberately, there is no limit. This module provides a process to identify and utilise your untapped Genius that will drive you towards Irresistible Leadership.
  3. Your Genius creates joy and success for you when it is used in the right situation. The most important thing you can do is to use your Genius Factor more often. The next most important thing is to help others find and use their Genius.

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