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Why Project Teams are Important

Nearly all the evidence suggests that jobs in their traditional sense are disappearing, they are simply too confining to be useful in today's fast-moving environment where focus speed and flexibility and demanded even in the largest organisations.

Project Teams are the new way of organising work

Project teams have an enormous advantage over individual jobs because they allow several minds to be focused on the task rather than one. We're social beings. We function better when we're working with other people with whom we can bounce ideas off and interact.

The Virtual Group solution

Virtual Group has developed an approach to building and sustaining project teams. This is based on:

  1. Helping organisations develop a team based culture and values
  2. Training traditional manages in how to behave in a new project based environment
  3. Teaching project team members new ways of working so the project teams can be more effective
  4. Working with managers to insure that rewards and recognition processes are aligned to more project work
  5. Helping establish measurements of success for project teams.

Changes in attitude

Every staff member will have the following world view:

  • "I will depend entirely on my own abilities for my financial security"
  • "I will never expect any economic value for my self until I have first created some economic value for someone else"
  • "The economic value I will receive will always be less than the economic value I give".

Key success factors for project structures achieved by the Virtual Process

  1. outward focus
  2. autonomy/accountability
  3. dependence amongst team members
  4. From fitting people into jobs to defining projects with people in mind
  5. Extensive cross training and multi-skilling
  6. Self determination, individuals/teams who don't have anything to do, need to find something otherwise they are no use.
  7. People find work by scrolling through the various projects on offer and getting involved where their interest and skills match

The stages of a Project

  1. Creation Phase
  2. Selling Phase
  3. Implementation Phase
  4. Exit stage

When to use Project Teams

  1. To resolve major problems or issues
  2. To increase crepe creativity in specific areas
  3. To improve communication between groups with a common interest in the outcome
  4. To develop members capabilities
  5. To build and exchange knowledge
  6. To build trust and sharing of knowledge and skills within people with a similar discipline.

Probable outcomes of project teams

  1. Solutions will be found that have a wider perspective
  2. Solutions will be better understood and accepted
  3. Project team members will learn to share and trust
  4. Information exchange will be increased
  5. Creativity will be enhanced
  6. Silos will be broken down and bureaucracy reduced.

How Virtual Group supports Project Teams

  1. We train people in the principles and practice of working in Project Teams
  2. We work with individuals and groups to establish the beliefs and values required for Project Teams
  3. We act as facilitators until the Project Teams are ready to take over the facilitation themselves
  4. We advise in the structural issues and organisational issues that arise with the introduction of Project Teams.

Product support

This product has been developed and is supported by Bruce Holland with help where required from other members of the Virtual Group Business Consultants.


All work undertaken by Bruce Holland is guaranteed. If at the end of the program the client doesn't feel that they have received value for money, they may adjust the bill and pay an amount equal to the value they feel they received.

Give Bruce a call.

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