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Your Customers' Candid Comments on Camera!

Have you ever wondered what your customers really think about you and your business? Virtual Group Business Consultants offers this unique service to give you invaluable information to help improve what you do, keep existing customers happy, and attract more.

The product

Under the skilled facilitation of Bruce Holland a Customer Focus Group is assembled, and spends ninety minutes relaying in great detail what they like and dislike about your business.

All of it is recorded unobtrusively on videotape for you to watch.

As part of the service we also produce a "highlights" package of 10-20 minutes for your staff to see. In many businesses few of the workers ever get to see a customer, let alone hear what they like and dislike.

Because you are not physically in the room while the customer focus group is doing its thing, participants feel much more comfortable to be completely frank. Bruce carefully manages proceedings to get the most out of the session. He steers discussion so it doesn't bog down on minor details, or become entirely negative.

The video work is carried out by Jim Greenhough. Jim is a professional in the television world and has impeccable credentials.

You will find the outcome an invaluable tool in shaping your business strategy for the future so it includes what your customers actually want!

We have found that what appear to you as minor things can have enormous consequences for your public relations. Just knowing what these things are and how you can simply change them helps you avoid unnecessary negativity. Customers of one company for example told us that much worse than getting delivery late was not knowing it was going to be late. "If they'd just lift up the phone and let us know, we could accommodate the delay." Needless to say that company is now making a few more phone calls, and keeping its customers much more satisfied!

Product support

This product has been developed and is supported by Bruce Holland with help where required from other members of the Virtual Group Business Consultants.


All work undertaken by Bruce Holland is guaranteed. If at the end of the program the client doesn't feel that they have received value for money, they may adjust the bill and pay an amount equal to the value they feel they received.

For more details

Please contact Bruce Holland
Phone +6421 620456

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