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Confidence, Influence & Personal Power

This workshop and reading is about increasing your confidence, influence and personal power. Many people assume that some people are born confident and others aren't. This workshop will show you that this is not true. Instead confident people have learned to behave in certain ways that others see as confident and are drawn to, at a very deep level without understanding why. These behaviours are easily learned and accessible to all of us.

Content includes

  • Learning from the most influential person in your life
  • Learning confident behaviours
  • Understanding the power of words
  • Developing your Confidence Plan
  • Measuring your Personal Power.

Why this is important

  1. All humans have a need for confidence. We are attracted to it without even knowing why. When confidence is like a magnet we call it personal power.
  2. With this confidence we can influence others and set ourselves on the path to Irresistible Leadership.

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