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Colour Your Customers & Colleagues

This module will build on the Herrmann work started in the first module but with a far greater external focus on customers and colleagues. Customers and colleagues come in four colours (Herrmann quadrants). 25% of people are in each colour. Each colour needs to be handled in a totally different way if you want to communicate with them and influence them effectively.


Deliverables include:

  • Each person will receive access to Bruce Holland's paper "Colour Your Customers and Colleagues"
  • Each person will learn how to flex their approach to match exactly the colour of their customers and colleagues; this significantly reduces the potential for interpersonal misunderstandings and miscommunications; it builds trust and respect, and it speeds up the work flow
  • Each person will understand what frustrates different types and how to anticipate these and reduce it, this will lead to a more harmonious workplace and reduced complaints from customers
  • Each person will learn how to communicate more effectively and flex to different types, this will improve the communications and reduce wasted effort
  • Each team will understand its thinking preference and how this may be seen within the organisation and outside, this will improve the internal working between teams
  • Each team will identify its major customers and explore their likely thinking styles and how to approach them and communicate with them most effectively, this will allow them to better understand the customers needs and improve delivery
  • Each person will better understand their manager and how to approach them and communicate with them most effectively.


Results include:

  • More productivity
  • Better communication
  • Improved collaboration and cooperation
  • Improved customer service
  • Less misunderstanding
  • Faster workflows
  • More harmonious workplace
  • More trust, understanding and respect between people
  • Better relationships between the Board and staff
  • Better relationships across the Sector.

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