Business Coaching

In the international sporting world successful performers and world beating teams employ coaches. Sarah Ulmer and the All Blacks recognise that their performances in the international arenas depend very much on how effective their coaches are in motivating them to reach the top.

Businesses too are beginning to recognise the value of having their own Business Coach to maximise their performance.

However many businesses especially S.M.E.s continue to operate in the same way year after year. They have in effect plateaued. The owners have become stressed because they must maintain the treadmill of generating enough revenue from the same market to meet the expanding cost base. Disillusionment sets in, good people leave and eventually the business declines or fails.

The Business Coach working with the business owners uses a series of Shirlaws models to illustrate how the business can achieve improved performance. The owners are encouraged to recognise that their business goes through a number of stages of development and to recognise which stage their business is currently at. Most importantly, they are encouraged to recognise and accept how they felt at each of these stages.

The Business Coach will then guide the owners towards a more effective functional structure, improved management systems, a stronger market position, the implementation of a succession plan and the creation productive distribution or network.

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