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Case Study of Culture

The following is a live example of how Product Leadership is being implemented by a Group of accountants. The first step they took was to profile their people. The Chart below shows the profiles of the 30 accountants within the Group. Before you change something it's important to have a good understanding of what you have before you start. The best way I know of understanding the existing thinking is to profile people within the organisation and by locations and Teams.

As can be seen the Accounting Group was highly weighted towards quadrants A and B whereas they needed to become significantly more D. This issue can be seen even more clearly in next Chart which shows the 30 individuals plotted according to their centres of gravity. This Chart shows that only person number 12 (the Financial Controller) had a significant dominance of D thinking although persons 28, 11, 14 and 27 had reasonable access to D.

The other really useful chart that Herrmann produced was the Rank Order of Work Elements see the next Chart which showed the sort of thinking that was available to the Group (and the individual departments.). It shows clearly the deficiency in creative abilities and innovating abilities.

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