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The Business Case for Collaboration

Lack of collaboration is the single most wasteful practice in New Zealand business today. While conditions were favourable we could tolerate this waste. Given the economic mess we are in now, this is waste we simply can't afford.

Many managers are talking about making operational efficiencies and cutting back. But such cuts will provide only a tiny fraction of the savings available through collaboration.

Lack of collaboration is wasteful because it leads to duplication. I was about to get involved in a sustainability project with a government department. I resigned when I discovered there were 144 similar projects currently funded by a series of government departments; all of them totally separate and uncoordinated.

Lack of collaboration is wasteful because where we have silos things fall between the cracks and don't get done. They say, "It's not my job." When this happens the customer gets only a partial solution or none at all.

Lack of collaboration is wasteful because people who should be on the same team end up working against each other, paralysing performance. These factions breed office politics and infighting that cause stress and exasperation. This kills productivity and shifts attention inward, toward battles over budgets, titles and responsibility for mistakes. People focused inward are focused away from customers and outcomes.

Lack of collaboration is wasteful because some things just can't be done without collaboration. Many Public Sector organisations are structured in such a way that it is only possible for them to achieve their outcomes if they work with and collaborate with other Public Sector organisations. For example, the health of children (an area where I have done some work) can only be achieved if the Ministry of Health, Plunket, District Health Boards and other health providers collaborate very closely. Without this level of collaboration the various services provided by agencies will be disjointed and ad hoc. They are unlikely to be successful.

Just imagine the waste across the country because of this lack of collaboration. It's a major issue in both the public and private sectors.

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