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"Big Pie" World View

Big pie thinking recognises that the world is one of plenty rather than scarcity. This is important because with a world view of scarcity people feel compelled to compete; they fight each other for a limited amount of business; they go to war to protect economic resources such as land or oil. Most importantly they try to succeed by controlling scarce economic resources rather than by adding value. In today's world this is simply bad thinking!

Big Pie is not easy to accept. The very definition of economics is "The study of society's allocation of scarce resources". It's about how we divide up what we already have rather than how we can create more for everybody. It's about how we cut the pie rather than how we create a bigger pie. It's about diminishing returns rather than increasing returns. We have grown up thinking that wealth comes from Land, Labour and Capital; those that have lots are wealthy, those with little are poor. In today's world this is faulty thinking. W. Brian Arthur and Paul Zane Pilzer are far closer to the truth. Pilzer in his book "Unlimited Wealth" says that technology creates resources and resources create wealth. In the Process we examine Pilzer's ideas because they are an essential platform for more cooperation and collaboration.

In summary he says: Minds create ideas that lead to new technology that lead to new resources that lead to wealth. Faster information exchange is driving faster technology growth and this is creating all sorts of new resources and value. As a result in today's world there is a potential for unlimited wealth.

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