Appreciative Inquiry

The program starts with the positive and deliberately builds on these, ending up in a far stronger place. Right from the start we focus on their strengths in "Thinking preferences", their "Genius factor" and "Their Greatest Leadership Accomplishment".

This is vital because when managers feel stronger about themselves they start to see the strengths in others and promote people who are smarter than themselves. When people feel weak abut themselves they also look for weaknesses and faults in others. This is the opposite of leadership.

I have found that Big people make other people Big.

In my work I find that establishing the right images in the 'mental subconscious' of an organisation is vital to success.

In all organisations there is some stuff that's bad and there is some stuff that's good. Usually what's good is far bigger than what's bad and within the good stuff there's some that's brilliant. The trick is to identify what's brilliant and amplify it. Most managers do the exact opposite - they focus on the bad and start a vicious downward cycle.

Organisations change in the direction in which they inquire. An organisation that inquires into problems will keep finding problems but an organisation which attempts to appreciate what is best in itself will discover more and more that is good. It can then use these discoveries to build a new future where the best becomes more common. Change is far easier, quicker and occurs with less resistance if we can capture and carry forward those things that are already working well.

It's so important to create a positive mental image of what we want to achieve before we start. The picture should be as big as we can make it. The image has to be vividly clear, then the body will deliver. This is why Daniel Carter takes on that glazed look as he visualises the ball sailing between the goal posts before every attempt at goal.

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